About Me

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Hello everyone, my name is Tanumonn Mondal(Rintu). Photography for me has always been a platform which helps me to capture those countless emotions at play all around us. After finishing my engineering degree in the year 1997, I decided to invest more time and energy into the world of photography in order to give my passions a concrete meaning and to realize my long cherished dream of becoming  a professional in the world of photography I became actively involved in commercial photography from 1998. With successes soon coming my way, my dreams slowly but steadily started taking a more realistic form. On a personal note 1999 was a year of great significance as I founded my very own photography company going by the name of Debasmita Photography. To further enhance my knowledge and skills regarding film making, videography and video editing I completed a course in multimedia in the year 1999 from Jadavpur University.  Needless to say this further enhanced my abilities as a photographer and helped me in having a better understanding of any situation related to photography and videography. The challenge of outdoing my previous efforts with every new assignment or project which I take will always keep me going and I will be forever committed towards delivering quality results to my clients.