About Our Photography

We are a photography firm offering the most professional approach to the various genres of commercial photography including wedding, fashion and glamour photography over a wide range of locations covering Kolkata in West Bengal while outside of West Bengal we have worked in places like Delhi, Karnataka, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Varanasi, Patna among other places  in India as well as in USA outside of India. We make it a point and treat it as our first priority to serve our clients throughout India with minimum travel costs.

We are a dedicated team of artistic wedding photographers, designers and color visualizers who have decided to revolutionize the genre of wedding photography and add a whole new dimension to the genre of wedding photography. If your eyes have grown tired of the usual posed photos and those cheesy designs and backgrounds made up of flowers, waterfalls, lush green landscapes, desktop background like sceneries and if you are looking for something more classy, modern and uber cool, which in a way will reflect your personality and taste then you’ve come to the right place.

You have all seen final work or results produced by the local studios.It doesn’t take an expert to tell that their images are not composed using proper perspective or color concepts. Hence we feel or rather find the images are not up to the mark.

Just because there is a photographer behind a camera, it is not imperative that you have to look at it holding your pose and smile all the time for a good photograph. The best moments during a wedding are captured naturally when everybody is at ease, when nobody is conscious of the presence of the photographer, when everyone is busy just being themselves – it’s really that simple. Smiles, tears, hugs, stolen glances and the joyful ambience – are all those cherished moments which make a wedding memorable and fun. Our job is to ensure that we and most importantly you won’t miss out on any of them. We believe we’ll bring a lot of smiles to faces all over by freezing these priceless emotions through our photographs which will remain with you forever and after.

Thank you for visiting our site, kindly take a look around our site and drop us a line containing your thoughts on our style of photography, or a favorite photo which has left a long lasting impression on your mind, to book our services for your wedding dates, or maybe for just a‘’hello’’ .